Ijen – Blue Fire Volcano sunrise in VR

360 video.

Ijen – Blue Fire Volcano sunrise VR 360° (Indonesia)

Blue fire crater and the largest highly acidic crater lake in the world.

This is a 360 degree video. Use your finger to swipe or mouse cursor to grab the screen and look around. No host. No voice-over. No music. Just pure immersion.

Official Trailer

I started climbing up Kawah Ijen volcano in the dark at around 1am. It was cold. Took me about 90 mins to climb up the steep volcano from basecamp. Took almost another hour to make my way down to the bottom of the crater. It is very treacherous and you have to be extremely careful.

The air is toxic and you have to wear a gas mask or respirator. The toxic gases burn your eyes too.

But it was all worth it. It is out of this world amazing. It is like being in a sci-fi movie. Ignited sulfuric gas emerges from cracks in the mountain creating clouds of gas and yes, blue fire!

There were several local miners extracting sulfur and carrying huge amounts of it back to the top.

As the sun started to rise, I could see the largest highly acidic crater lake in the world. Stunningly beautiful.

The blue flames started to fade and I made my way back to the top and then to the bottom again on the other side.

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Blue fire crater. #nofilter

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Technical specs:
Started shooting in the middle of the night in almost pitch-black conditions. The footage turned out extremely grainy and flickery but I was able to remove lots of it with with the Boris VR flicker fixer plugin.

Shot with a GoPro Fusion. Edited and finished with Adobe Premiere and After Effects. Used Mantra VR from Mettle.

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Mt. Ijen at sunrise. #nofilter

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