Kigali – walking around town in VR

Rwanda’s surprisingly clean capital.

VR180 video.

This is a VR180 video. Use your finger to swipe or mouse cursor to grab the screen and look around. Best viewed in 3D on a HMD. No host. No voice-over. No music. Just pure immersion.

Took a walk on a beautiful day through the hilly streets of the Rwandan capital. The first thing you notice is how relatively clean the streets are. There is very little trash on the sidewalks.

Kigali is attempting to brand itself as the cleanest city in Africa. The sale and import of plastic bags is banned and there are community clean up days.

Technical specs:
Shot with a Vuze XR. Edited and finished with Adobe Premiere and After Effects. Used Boris VR plugins and Google’s VR180 Creator.



Vuze XRで撮影。アドビプレミアとアフターエフェクトで編集。ボリスVRプラグインとGoogle VR180 Creator使用。


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