Kyaiktiyo Pagoda – Golden Rock in VR

360 video.

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda – Golden Rock – ကျိုက်ထီးရိုးဘုရား sunrise VR 360° (Myanmar)

Other-Worldly Buddhist pilgrimage site.

This is a 360 degree video. Use your finger to swipe or mouse cursor to grab the screen and look around. No host. No voice-over. No music. Just pure immersion.

After an extreme, bumpy ride in a truck through the jungle to an elevation of 1100m/3609 ft, I made it to Kyaiktiyo Pagoda aka the Golden Rock. I can’t believe this thing is real. It is very dangerously perched and looks like it is about to crash. I had the privilege of pasting gold leaves on it during sunset. It looked gorgeous at night and I stayed to see the first rays of the morning sun illuminate it.

This place is truly mysterious. No one knows how it is kept in place. No one knows how old it is. Legend says it has been there for 2500 years.

Lots of stray dogs and rats everywhere.

Women are currently not allowed to get close to the pagoda.

Technical specs:
Shot with a GoPro Fusion. Edited and finished with Adobe Premiere and After Effects. Used Mantra VR from Mettle.

ミャンマーにある仏教の聖地である、ゴールデン・ロック(チャイティーヨー・パゴダ またはチャイティーヨー・パヤー)の360度動画。




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