Nelson, Nevada in VR

VR180 video.

Ghost Town in Nevada.

It takes little over an hour to drive to Nelson from Las Vegas. Located close to the Arizona-California-Nevada border, not many people live here these days.

This is a VR180 video. Use your finger to swipe or mouse cursor to grab the screen and look around. Best viewed in 3D on a HMD. No host. No voice-over. No music. Just pure immersion.

YouTube VR180 link:

A notorious place during the gold rush, a flash flood destroyed most of the town during the 1970s. These days, there are carcasses of old vehicles and even planes for you to check out.

There is a general store that sells soft drinks for $1 each. (Current as of April 2019.) There are also tours of the abandoned mines.

Technical specs:
Shot with a Vuze XR mounted on a FeiyuTech G6 Plus gimbal. Edited and finished with Adobe Premiere and After Effects. Used Boris VR plugins and Google’s VR180 Creator.

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