Kampala Old Taxi Park in VR

Busy and crowded minibus station in the Ugandan capital.

VR180 video.

Matatus (minibuses) are a convenient way to travel to the suburbs or nearby towns. The Old Taxi Park is where many of the matatus depart.

While some might consider the place chaotic, matatus are always coming and going. The ones I rode had no air conditioning and were extremely packed. If you’re lucky, you get to ride “shotgun” next to the driver.

Technical specs:
Shot on a Vuze XR. Edited and finished with Adobe Premiere and After Effects. Used Boris VR plugins and Google’s VR180 Creator.

Vuze XRで撮影。アドビプレミアとアフターエフェクトで編集。ボリスVRプラグインとGoogle VR180 Creator使用。



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